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Brain Injury

The brain. It’s an extraordinary super-computer and the brilliant command center that controls all we do. But it’s also incredibly fragile – comprised of soft, gelatinous tissue protected by a thin layer of clear fluid that acts as a “shock absorber” when our heads are subjected to sudden movements or an impact. Any number of forces – accidents, blockages, tumors, viruses and diseases – can threaten the health of this complex and sophisticated organ. Here, we learn about the numerous types of activities and events that can help or hinder the brain, and how PTA can work as a team to strengthen skills and get back to your life.

At its simplest, brain injury occurs when the brain cells are injured and subsequently die. Brain injury is often referred to as a silent epidemic because many of the problems associated with this type of damage – challenges with finding words, memory or thinking processes – are not visibly apparent and may be misunderstood. Changes in brain function can affect us on every level, from relationships and communication to our potential at home, school or work. 

There are many causes of brain injury, each impacting our lives and overall health in different ways.  An acquired brain injury is an umbrella term for an injury that occurs to a healthy, normally developing brain. An acquired brain injury consists of two different subcategories, traumatic and non-traumatic brain injuries.

No two brain injuries are alike; neither is the needed treatment.  At Progressive Therapy Associates, we recognize this.  Your needs come first. As the “CEO” of the body, a brain that has been injured can affect every part of our lives, from personality and communication skills to our success at school, work, or home. There are many different types and causes of brain injury, but, at its very simplest, it occurs when the brain cells are damaged and subsequently die. Typical types of brain injuries include stroke, brain bleeds, traumatic brain injury, brain infections or inflammation, tumors, oxygen deprivation or illnesses such as encephalitis. As with any brain injury, the earlier you can receive treatment, the better. On the other hand, it is never too late to start therapy. It really is never too late to begin working toward regaining some of the abilities and independence you might have thought were lost forever.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. In a way, it takes a village to recover from a brain injury too! Recovery is truly a team effort. Input from your loved ones, open interaction, and communication with other members of your treatment team and your own commitment to get better will all be key to the treatment journey.  We also understand that, just as every brain is different, so is every patient. 

We really do get to know you, what motivates you, how you learn best and what skills you most need and want to regain to feel like yourself again. At a time in life when it might feel like you have little control, we want you to be able to begin to take the wheel on your recovery journey.

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