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Individualized Approach to Treatment

Progressive Therapy Associates was started in 2010 by my co-owner and friend, Janet Grove and myself, Jodi Hedstrom. Together, we are co-owners of Progressive Therapy Associates. We started the business because we really felt we wanted to make a difference in the community. We were noticing that when it came to brain injury or specialty with helping people with ADHD, there just didn't seem to be a customized individualized approach to treatment.

We really wanted to make a difference for people. There are many individuals with concussion and traumatic brain injury and ADHD specifically that we felt were being underserved. They may not present enough impairment to be considered meeting the criteria within the schools for instance, but they're still struggling in their day to day life.

Here at Progressive Therapy Associates, we are looking at how can we increase their day to day capabilities and we are able to do that through individualized care.

We really felt like we were noticing that people who had a brain injury or people who had ADHD weren't getting the customized help that they really needed to function better day to day. That is the purpose of our clinic, to make a difference in a person's life so that they can function better, feel better, and in turn be more and more independent and just feel really good about who they are.

A lot of what we do here can be described by us (Progressive Therapy Associates) giving them (Our Patients and Families) tools, but we don't just hand them the toolbox and let them walk away. We teach them how to use the tools, and when it's appropriate to use the tools, so that they can really take ownership of what they've built, and the change they've affected in their own life.

At Progressive Therapy Associates, we see a lot of different diagnoses and we treat primarily cognitive-communication disorders which can come up after a traumatic brain injury or with ADHD, high functioning autism, and MS (Multiple Sclerosis).

Many of the individuals we're seeing are having difficulty with their day to day life, getting the things done in a day that a successful adult needs to be able to do.

When somebody comes here for therapy, usually we're trying to figure out what in their life is going well for them and what is of challenge. We'll often ask, how do your attention skills look, how does memory look? In turn, if those skills are of challenge, then what can we do to make your life different, what strategies can we use to make you function better, to feel more confident about your skills, and actually feel really happy about yourself.

An important thing to keep in mind here at Progressive Therapy Associates is that there's no discrimination. When you look at the needs of our patients, it can be any age and any denomination.

We help adolescents and adults. That might be your next door neighbor, it might be a student that's sitting next to you in your class that's having difficulty, individuals that might blend into a crowd well, but are having a great deal of difficulty in their day to day life.

Many, many of our patients look perfectly normal. There's nothing about them that if they were walking down the street would tell you that they have a difficulty. That's one of the biggest challenges because you don't get a lot of understanding and compassion from other people if you're having challenges that affect other people when they can't see the problem.

At Progressive Therapy Associates, we specialize in seeing adolescents through adults (who are 14 or older). The reason we've chosen that age group is because focusing on that age category, we're able to really hone our skills and become very, very customized with our approaches.

We see a variety of different types of people here and different diagnoses. They're all adolescents and adults, people with ADHD, people with traumatic brain injuries or other acquired brain injury such as vascular issues or stroke. We also see people with MS and even people without a specific diagnosis who recognized changes in the way that they're able to use their brain and can utilize the strategies that we have to function better in their lives.

Progressive Therapy Associates works hard to provide the best care to adolescents and adults by individualizing and really focusing on that age group and what's most appropriate for their treatment at that very specific time.

At Progressive Therapy Associates, our clinic is driven by the idea of individualized care. That means that whenever we're meeting somebody, we're really trying to get either what it is that is of most concern to them and then identify what we can do different to make their lives have more meaning and more purpose.

When we think about communication, this is our ability to connect with our world. This is our ability to share our needs, wants, ideas, worries, and concerns with our spouse or friend. Impairments in communication really impact our relationships and being able to be an active part in our day to day lives. If this breaks down, this really impacts how we relate to our children and our neighbors and all of these people that bring us a great deal of happiness.

Progressive Therapy Associates offers a really caring individualized approach to helping individuals be more functional in their environment whatever that is; and whatever caused them to have difficulty in their environment is what we address.

Progressive Therapy Associates has worked with people who've had a brain injury and cannot work at that point in their life. The actual day to day struggle at that point is being able to remember to take their medications or even remembering if they ate that day. To go from that and then guide that person through the process and then get to the point where they're actually at work and they're succeeding. That's amazing, that's a really good feeling.

At Progressive Therapy Associates, there are many rewarding parts of the day to day that take place here, but it's the small accomplishments that lead to big things that's really, really rewarding. For instance, someone that's able to successfully complete a semester in college, for the first time. Someone that's able to successfully drive again because their attention has improved to that point, for the first time. In addressing these skills, we can be a part of them reaching those goals and celebrating those. That's really motivating and rewarding to see those changes and improvements that lead to big things.

When a person starts to feel like they're starting to approximate what was normal to them prior to their brain injury, that is a really good feeling. You can just tell that people become more motivated, they're so much happier. Then their family is so much happier too because the person that they're seeing is starting to resemble who they fell in love with.

If you're a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or friend of somebody that you see struggling with issues like attention or memory, or things at school after an accident, it really can make all of the difference in the world to get help as soon as possible. Let them know that, "Hey I think you could use a hand. I think that we should reach out and get you some help."

You can reach Progressive Therapy Associates by calling 701-356-7766.

At Progressive Therapy Associates, you can expect genuine, customized care. We will determine what is not working well for you, what is working well for you, and really ask what it is that you want to improve because if we're not focusing on that, then we're not doing our job.

Progressive Therapy Associates has seen patients that have talked to their doctor at length and still have no idea what's going on with them. We will do research if necessary to be ensure that our patients are getting the information they need to really understand what's going on. We see this a lot with traumatic brain injury and with ADHD. People just are not sure what's going on and they need more information to be able to cope with what is going on.

At Progressive Therapy Associates, we help people in Fargo, West Fargo, and Moorhead, but also we have the luxury of using telemedicine and that's been a really nice tool that allows us to help people who maybe don't have the ability to drive or travel to receive treatment. We help people in Alexandria, St. Cloud, Grand Forks. We are able to help people in all of North Dakota and all of Minnesota.

Progressive Therapy Associates offers a free consultation where anybody can walk through our doors and hear about what we do and how we can potentially help them.

At Progressive Therapy Associates, we've decided to specialize in areas such as brain injury, traumatic brain injury, ADHD, and MS. By choosing to have those areas of specialty, that allows us to really hone our skills and our craft so that we can be as effective as possible to help people. That's how Progressive Therapy Associates make a very unique difference to our North Dakota and Minnesota community.

Life doesn't have to be a constant struggle and full of daily stresses. Things can go smoothly, especially if you get some good compensatory strategies in place and learn about how your brain works, things can go a lot better.

At Progressive Therapy Associates, we have the opportunity to walk right beside someone on this long journey and help them throughout those challenges that come about. When they've reached those goals, we are every bit as happy for them as they are.

At Progressive Therapy Associates we're really invested in their treatment and reaching those goals is very rewarding for not only patients and families, but for us who have been beside them the whole way.

If you're struggling and you're wondering whether or not our services could be of help to you; we offer free consultations with no obligation. Just give us a call. We will help you to figure out what it is that you need to do differently to help yourself.

The positive feedback you get from clients and their families is another rewarding aspect here at Progressive Therapy Associates. Helping people come to a point where they're able to see not just what's hard for them, but how they can overcome it is rewarding. We don't need people to tell us that we've made a difference. We want to hear that they've made a difference in their own life and that they've pulled in the right tools at the right time.

The longer we've been open for business, we've had the ability to reach more and more people and make an impact on people's lives.

Progressive Therapy Associates really cares. We really care about how people are doing day in and day out, and their outcome, and how this is impacting not only the patient, but the whole family unit. We really care. We want to make sure that we're making a difference.

At Progressive Therapy Associates we're really passionate about empowering people to help themselves. We do what we do because we want to see people feel better about their circumstances. We want them to feel empowered by themselves and what they can do, no matter if that has changed or if they're improving their own skills.

We often see people in a very vulnerable place in their lives. It's a very personal time. We feel very privileged to be a part of that process and be allowed into people's lives to help themselves.

There has not been a day that goes by that we don't want to come to work. When we come to work and it doesn't feel like work, it's not difficult to keep doing that.

It's not difficult to stay motivated and driven. We feel like we can make a difference today, whether it's in one person's life or 10, that's really motivating, that's really rewarding.

Progressive Therapy Associates would want somebody to know that we genuinely care and that we will go the extra mile for you. We will do whatever it takes to make you function better.

The future for Progressive Therapy Associates continues to be centered around individualized care, collaborating with our community, and being the best resource we can provide to North Dakota and Minnesota. If you're wondering if our services could be of help to you, just give us a call. We will help you to figure out if what we provide is a match, and we'll let you know if it isn't.  

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Free Consultation
Individualized Approach to Treatment
Qualified Therapists

Our dedicated team of speech-language pathologists are specially trained in speech therapy as it relates to cognitive-communication issues (how you listen, process, focus, remember, and communicate). We are also nationally certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, are nationally recognized by the Brain Injury Association of America and are Certified Brain Injury Specialists (CBIS). We are licensed to practice in both North Dakota and Minnesota. We believe every patient deserves the best treatment and support we can offer in every single contact and interaction with us.

Individual Approach

We recognize that no two people have the same needs and that everyone has different learning styles. That’s why we like to call our approach “the Progressive way,” which means we will happily customize treatment plans to meet the unique needs of the individual and their family. We also believe in “the right fit” between patient and therapist, so will make every effort to match you with a clinician who connects with you, understands you, and utilizes a therapy style that is comfortable for you.

We are here to help

Depending on the goals you wish to accomplish and the learning pace that is most comfortable for you, we will arm you with the evidence-based strategies, proven skills, and ample support you need to feel more organized, prepared, and effective. Therapy strategies may range from recommendations for specific tools (such as timers or planners), one-on-one brainstorming and problem-solving to address concerns, therapeutic activities as well as computer trials or worksheets to help strengthen cognitive and executive functions like attention, memory, and planning.

Coaching with compassion

We know that working on cognitive-communication issues is hard work and that it can be easy to feel defeated or overwhelmed by the challenges of building a more efficient brain. However, you will not be in this alone. We are not just speech-language pathologists; we are fellow human beings who care about you, your journey, and your success. We don’t want an appointment to feel like you’ve been sent to the principal’s office. Instead, you’ll find a comfortable space where you’ll feel listened to and understood. And because humor makes everything more bearable, be prepared to laugh and joke a bit too!